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Of all the tours I’ve ever done, the ones that inspire the most are those that embody a sense of community in the locals and the�Frankston Street Art Walking Tour�does just that.

If you know anything about Frankston, forget what you’ve heard. If you don’t know Frankston at all, this tour is a great way to be introduced to the area. Prepare to be awe-inspired!

Starting at the Frankston Arts Centre, our tour guide Steve started with a little history about the art we were about to see. The majority of it is produced by both local artists and international artists alike. Annually, Frankston hosts ‘The Big Picture Festival’ which features newly created al fresco art pieces and – in most years – is highlighted by a street party in Frankston.

About the Frankston Street Art Walking Tour

The tour takes approximately an hour and includes a hot or cold drink of your choice along the way.

Each piece has a story behind it – some involve communities and kids, others involve emotion and hardship. All the stories and the artworks offer something for the senses. Rather than tell you about them here, take a look at just a few sample photos from my tour below, and you can�see�what I mean!

Each piece showcases amazing talent and many eclectic styles that range from traditional art to more abstract pieces, to graffiti-style street art.

Frankston Street Art Tour part of the Big Picture Festival

You may ask why these pieces haven’t been destroyed by taggers and vandals. According to our guide, there is a hierarchy amongst street artists that involves respect for one another’s work. If these works are vandalized and the vandal is known, his or her reputation is diminished.

At the end of the tour, you can explore the many eateries Frankston has to offer or wander around and see what other art you can spot.

This community by the sea has a rich and diverse amount of culture to offer and it’s well worth exploring.

Tours run fortnightly and cost $15 per person. Visit�the Discover Frankston website by clicking this link to book.

Frankston is located about a one-hour drive from Melbourne city center but this tour is well worth the day trip.

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